IEP snapshot

Hi teacher friends! Hope your summers are all going awesome! I wanted to take a second to talk to you today about individualized education plans, also known as IEPs. Almost every teacher these days has at least one student with an IEP, and it is very time consuming to go through that, sometimes twenty page, document searching for the absolute necessary information for the moment you are in.

I teach special education and after a year of doing it I was tired of forever searching through twenty IEPs for specific program modifications and testing accommodations every time I gave a vocabulary quiz. So I came up with a cheat sheet that you can fill in the first time you go through the students IEP and you can work off of that for the year. The beauty of an IEP is that they do not change for the whole year, so the accommodations and modifications stay the same.

This document is meant to cut down prep time when it comes to assignments, test/quiz prep, and things as simple as changing seats in the classroom (due to preferential seating as a program mod.). You should be able to go through cheat sheets quickly, and they can be available for your teaching assistants of other team teachers to utilize as well.

This by no means takes place of the students IEP, but it can help keep you accountable for making sure everything promised in the IEP is done everyday, and it allows substitutes, teaching assistants and other educators helping out in your classroom to have a leg up on the procedures for each of our special education students.

The cheat sheet can be found in my teachers pay teachers store – Waldron’s Wonders. There are six different themes to go along with your rooms; cactus, summer, ocean, tie-dye, autumnal/woodland creature, and school supplies. I hope this helps you cut down on wasted time, and helps to ensure the IEP is carried out as intended.

Happy teaching!


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